Sunday, November 30, 2014

DIY Dog Food

One of our dogs is down to her last tooth and can no longer chew kibble so rather than pay $3 a can for the better quality canned dog food I decided to make it myself. Previously she was on Nutro lamb and rice. My original recipe used chicken and rice, but I decided to primalize her food as well as mine so I redid the mix. She's been eating it for a few months now and not only has her coat become like mink but her energy is way up and her chronic stomach issues (barfing, farting) are all but gone. 

The added bonus here is the cost. Half of this I grow in the garden (spinach/kale/pumpkins), plus I already have eggs on hand from our chickens. Chicken liver is almost always on almost-expired markdown at the store, and I can get a 10 pound bag of chicken thighs for $7, $5 if it's on sale. Use the skin, the fat, even the bone if you can grind it. Go fishing? Use the entire fish. Come next deer season I plan on scoring all the unwanted headless deer I can from our trophy hunting buddies and while my husband hates the taste of venison, I'm sure the dogs will give me two paws up.