Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Cheese Crack

I've been picking up #10 cans of freeze dried goodies on and off for a few years, but like a lot of others I mostly just stuck it in the cabinet for long term storage and forgot about it. I figured the day I woke up needing to eat it, I wouldn't get too worked up over the taste. There've been the occasional camping trip where I dipped into a 2 serving pack of Mountain House or Wise but the #10 cans have remained untouched.

Until today, when I found myself obsessed with a bowl of mac&cheese and no mac&cheese to be had. When I went Primal, I wisely relocated my massive hoard of instant mac&cheese to mylar bags, where I'd be less likely to break into them for an occasional fix. Rather than rip open a 6 box bag, I decided to pop the top on a can of Thrive Cheese Sauce and use it over the last of my Banza

Monday, May 11, 2015

Antibiotics. How I Love Thee....

As an asthmatic, one of my biggest concerns is stopping an upper respiratory infection before it's had time to pick up steam. A head cold for me is a guarentee of a sinus infection, and left untreated that quickly moves into my chest, becoming bronchitis and if STILL ignored, pneumonia, as I learned a few years ago. Having antibiotics available during extended emergencies can help prevent infections or even save a life. Unfortunately, you can't just go down to the nearest box store and pick them up like you can a case of Spam or a bag of rice.
That doesn't mean you can't get your hands on them. It just means you'll have to put a little extra effort into their procurement. Whether you choose to hit up a vet supply house or shop a little further from home is up to you.

Tater Tote

I've done tater towers in the past, using tires, wire cages, even laundry baskets. The problem is they never old much. This year I went big!

I took an IBC tote that had been cut in half and set it up at the end of the hay shed so the roof would drain off into it. I then filled it up with all the wasted hay my rabbits insist on throwing into their poop pans. Which is a lot! I then tossed in all the seed potatoes I'd saved from last fall, tossed in MORE hay, and waited.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Pallet Projects - Garage Shelves

When we bought this place the Mr. and I struck a deal. Being a former landscaper and a gardening nut I decreed the yard to be MINE. The Mr. agreed, on the condition the garage was his. No problem, all your's I said.

Six years later I decided enough was enough. While the yard looks amazing, the garage looks like a tornado went through it. A mad, drunken one. Part of the problem is there's no shelving and stuff is just all over the floor, but the garage itself was just gross. Stained, dirty walls, cobwebs everywhere, dead flies in the window. Ugh. 

Armed with a gallon of grey primer, two small pallets, and 5 wall studs I went to work.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Come into my garden

Two of my dogs have developed an unhealthy interest in both my chickens and rabbits, not to mention an overwhelming need to lie down on my plants, so I finally put in a gated entry to the garden and critter area of the yard.

I do love building things with pallets! I know the railroad tie looks odd sticking out, but when the gate opens it rests on that so the support post doesn't sag.

I got a lot going on behind that gate. :)