Friday, July 24, 2015

Take it with a Grain of Salt

I love salt. Salt on sweet corn, salt on cucumbers, hell I even put salt on bananas. I can get completely lost and drooling clicking around the Salt Works website, lusting for smoked salts and black salts and flavored salts. I mean, Sriracha Salt? Who knew?

Salt is probably one of the most overlooked items in prepper pantries, although many hardcore survivalists insist that salt will become one of the most highly sought after items during any long term disaster. If you watched the short lived post-apocalyptic series "Jericho", you know two towns went to war over a salt mine. Fiction sure, but it's an event that has played out repeatedly throughout human existence. While the idea of shooting my neighbors over a bag of flaked sea salt holds great appeal for me (especially after their kids keep banging on our door and running away in the middle of the night) it's probably better in the long run for me to keep stocking up on salt.