Monday, February 18, 2013

Expired Evaporated Milk

I was digging around in the freezer looking for some chicken legs when I found two bags of pureed pumpkin in the fridge that got the corners busted off of them. Since I haven't grown pumpkins in the garden since 2010 so I figured I should go ahead and use them. The chicken legs eluded me but there were several packs of pork chops within reach so I decided to do braised pork chops and pumpkin soup.

Except I didn't have the mushrooms for the pumpkin soup. Never mind, pumpkin casserole worked just fine. One of the ingredients was a cup of evap milk.

You know where I'm going with this.

Yep, little over a year out of date. What can I say, I got a lot on sale and then kinda forgot to use 'em. Anyway, from extensive previous experience I knew two things.

1) It would be slightly darker than what it would have been had I opened it back before Nov 2011, and
2) It would be just fine.

I probably could have shook it a bit more, but I get thick crap like that from new cans sometimes too.

No rust, no bulges, no dents. Looked fine. Smelled fine. Tasted fine. Cooked fine. 

And, because I'm feeling all sorts of share-y today, here's the link to the recipe I used it in. :D

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