Friday, February 8, 2013

More "expired" food

I finished off the six month out of date can of grits the other day when I was showing off how old and perfectly fine it was. Wouldn't you know, I was in the mood for more cheesy bacony grits this morning and discovered that behind it was a much OLDER can. This one is over two years past it's expiration date!

Hey I'm the haphazard prepper, not the fully organized and meticulously rotating prepper. Deal with it.

So I opens it up, and all it has is cardboard all around and a little half wrap of clear plastic along the edge of the lid to protect it, and what do I find? Bugs? Mold? Mothra?

Eff no all I found was boring old grits. They weren't even discolored. Frankly I'm disappointed in all those folks who promised me legs and wings by not properly sealing up my foodstuffs. Perhaps it's because this batch was Quaker Oats and not that Walmart generic crap?

To celebrate the lack of eyes staring back at me in my two-years-past-date grits, I broke out my cheese powder (over six months out of date) and some very processed bacon bits (not at all out of date) and had me some cheesy bacony gritty goodness for my noon o'clock breakfast.

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