Sunday, September 15, 2013

Pallet Project: Raised Bed

I have finished a project.

More accurately, I started it and my husband finished it before I could abandon it for something more entertaining. I do love this man. :)

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The uncovered lower edge is intentional. See how the pallet to the left notches up under it? I'm going to run that same size pallet along the front edge and down around the building to the rabbit room door, and the walkway will notch up under there. I'll screw through from the bed to the walkway to anchor it together.

Underneath and wrapping up the inside walls are cardboard boxes. I get them free, more than I know what to do with, and they do a good job of smothering weeds and unwanted grass. Or at least they're supposed to. Traditionally I put a layer down, and the bermuda gobbles it up by July. This time I went about 6 layers thick, all crisscrossed and interwoven, so hopefully the grass will find somewhere else to infest. On top of the cardboard went about an inch of old chicken crap from the roostbox, then about 4" of three year old, very rotted straw. Then came a liberal dose of old coffee grounds courtesy of Starbucks, followed by a few buckets of rabbit poo and about a pound of kitchen scraps. I'm picking up a load of topsoil tomorrow and will throw a layer of that on, then go from there.

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I'm probably going to throw a layer of water sealer on there just to keep it looking nice. 

You can see it in its earlier stages in this post.

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