Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Aquaponics Project - Part 1

Two years ago I learned about the wonders of aquaponics and decided we had to set up our own system. Our neighbor kindly gave me a bunch of 275 gallon IBC totes that he didn't need, and we promptly got to work cutting them all up. 

After cutting them all up, we shoved them out of the way and let the mess collect dust for two years.

Procrastination is the order of the day around here.

This weekend, however, the Mr. got tired of seeing the mess and broke out the sweat. 

By the time he threw down the tools, we had a working system with 2 grow beds, a sump, and a 275 gallon fish tank that's set to expand to an additional 2 grow beds, sump, and a 170 gallon fish tank.

We went with the clay Hydroton originally, but the expense is a bit ouchie plus we've heard tales of straight clay beds not supporting larger plants when the wind kicks up. Since 15 mph wind here is the norm (and 30-50 mph pretty common too) we'll probably toss half of this into the other bed and mix pea gravel in both to add weight.

Part II coming soon :)

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