Sunday, October 20, 2013

Best Laid Plans - Rabbit Poop Boards Take 2

This is a continuation of this post.

After I got the dropping boards hooked up, it came to light they wouldn't work. Not only could I not get the sheets to lie flat, having the gutter in the front meant I would have to lean over a pee soaked gutter every time I needed to reach into a cage. I also found out the hard way that rinsing the boards off always resulted in water (that's what I pretended it was anyway) sailing over the gutter and splashing all over me. I'd suspected it would do that, known better than to set it up like that, but I always do things the hard way. 

I forgot to take a picture of it when it was up, but you can see it in this video.

After crawling under the always leaky dropping board, detaching the license plates from the back of the cages, and then running frantically for the shower, we set it up the way we should have from the beginning.

Gutter mounted to the rear wall, 6" below bottom of cages on far end and 7" down on this end to give it a bit of a slope.

Gutters will extend through the wall to drain outside, which should help cut down on odor. I just hung that bucket there for now, but will add a downspout when the other gutter is in place and set a bucket below to catch the drain.

With the dropping boards in place, extending a few inches in front of the cages to catch any ambitious spray, the top row of cages is now good to go. Well, except for the auto waterer which I'll hook up this week after I go pick up some more tubing and hopefully a larger water tank. Oh, and a drip irrigation line with fan spray plugs to run along the front edge of the boards, so I can flip a switch and have it wash itself. :D

And of course, the second row of cages. Never ends.

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