Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Freezing Eggs

The Mr. and I really don't eat all that many eggs, perhaps 4 a week unless I'm baking. Compare that to the dozen+ I get every day and you can see we have a bit of an overproduction problem. No matter, I have a dedicated buyer who will eat all the eggs I can supply him, which is usually around 10 dozen a week.

Except for that week he accidentally dropped all ten dozen in the floorboard of his truck. That week he only ate around two dozen. :D

Since the temperatures are cooling off, I turned off the automatic lights on the coop on September 1 to allow the girls to go into molt and have plenty of time to refeather before the real cold hits. One month later the coop looks like a sorority had a feather pillow fight in there.

Knowing the egg production was about to come to a screeching halt, I stopped selling and started hoarding the eggs for the months to come. Of course you can only keep so many in the fridge before there's no room for anything else, so I turned to freezing.

I decided to ignore conventional wisdom and try my own idea out on this one. I really don't bake all that much, so our primary use for eggs is fried on Saturday morning, or scrambled for the Mr.'s breakfast burritos for work. Ergo I didn't want to go to the bother of separating the yolks or scrambling and freezing in ice trays. Since these won't last past the next four months or so I don't figure it will be an issue if I don't "do it properly".

Instead, I broke out the muffin pan and dropped an egg in each slot.
Ready to go into the freezer
Into the freezer they went. Once frozen, I planned to pop them out and toss into a freezer bag. 

Frozen Eggs
Except they didn't pop out. Not. At. All.

First I flipped the muffin pan upside down on a cookie sheet and beat it a bit. When that didn't work I tried laying my hands over the back of the pan, hoping to warm it just enough to get them to pop out. Nope, not gonna work either. Finally I pulled out the hairdryer, set it to high, and went to wafting hot air all over the back of the pan. 

This resulted in melty eggs that I had to pry out with a butter knife. But now they were sloppy on the bottom, so tossing them in the bag was out of the question. They'd all stick together. Instead I tossed them into a cake pan and back into the freezer, remembering to shuffle them around after fifteen minutes so they wouldn't restick (they already had). Much fiddling and a great deal of annoyance later, they finally made it into the freezer bag.

At this point I was questioning just how much I really gave a shit if we ever ate another egg again, but with ten dozen eggs still in the freezer, I couldn't give up just yet. However, I got a little smarter on the next run. I used PAM cooking spray in the pan, and just did one egg.


It didn't fall out when I flipped the pan over, but the edges had pulled away from the side just a tad and I was able to pop it out easily with the butter knife.

Frozen eggs

I'm also in the middle of dehydrating my fourth batch of eggs, and lemme just say freezing wins this game hands down. 

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