Saturday, October 19, 2013

Rearranging the hoard

One of the downsides to being an author is that I never really know how much money I'll make from month to month. Other than I don't have any way to track sales, so until the royalties draft into my account I just don't know what to expect. They arrive like magic, the majority from my main publisher on the 16th, chump change from Amazon thanks to a few self-published stories appearing around the 28th, and then a halfway decent check every quarter from another publisher. One month might be a down payment on a two year old Camry, while another might barely cover the electric bill. If I'm industrious and remember to submit short stories to various anthologies I can usually pull in an extra $50 to $200 each on those, but I've been lazy this year. As a result, my hoarding tendencies have been greatly limited.

This month saw a little over five hundred appear in my account halfway through the month, and since the Mr. had already paid all the bills I decided it was time to do a bit of restocking.


There's only one problem with shopping to stock, and that is the rearrangement of the cabinets. I am not fortunate enough to have a pantry and though I have ratholed quite a bit down in the bunker tornado shelter the bulk of our provisions are strategically located around the house. Unfortunately, most of them require me to get on my knees on a hard floor in order to get into them.

Ay yi yi just look at this mess! (this is actually after I'd started straightening it up) I had to pull everything out of here just to see what I had, because it's not like I have an inventory sheet or anything. That would be cheating. That is also why all those cans of Wolf chili up there are a little over a year out of date, and why I'm now burping Frito Pie. 

I have several cabinets like this, all with the same problem. You have to get almost flat on the floor to see the back of the bottom shelf, let alone drag anything out of there. I hate them! It wasn't until I started digging through the laundry room cabinet that I realized the fix was right in front of me. Its bottom shelf contained 16 gallon jugs of water and nothing else. 

I took 8 of the jugs and moved them to the back of the bottom shelf on this one, and voila! Now everything is up front where I can see at a glance, and I know the back is all water so no need to go digging around to see if there's something I've forgotten. This proved the perfect fix for all the bottom shelves, and gave me the perfect place to store my water.

Now I know everything at a glance! I also made sure to track whatever was on the front of the top shelves all the way to the back, so I know that's all pasta on the left and canned veg on the right, with spaghetti sauce down the middle. Or well, except for the shaker cheese, but that goes with pasta so it belonged. Well, and the grits, but that's starchy stuff so it's ok in the pasta. Um.... yeah. Well the main thing is I got it where I can see it. I'll worry about organization later. :D

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