Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Joining a group

Over the weekend I decided to pull out of the retreat group I'd joined back in the spring. Some of the reasons involved a serious personality conflict I had with another member of the group, but most of it was due to the group's lack of direction and overabundance of grasshoppers. Ultimately I did not feel it benefited us to remain in the group. It's a shame too because I really liked a couple of the members.

Joining any group is a tough decision, or at least it should be. On the one hand everyone wants to have a place to go and people to count on should the proverbial shit hit the fan. On the other, well, everyone wants to have a place to go and people to count on. It's a lot like the old ant and grasshopper proverb... though often the grasshoppers far outnumber the ants. Some groups have tough membership requirements and require a certain level of investment be it financial, skill level, or just plain sweat equity. Others are open to any and all regardless of ability, prior experience, or preps. The former tend to have superior setups, but can be pretty tough to get in. The latter welcome you with open arms, but that may be all they have to offer.

I came across this video and thought I'd repost it here. He sums up my opinion of what a prospective group member should bring to the table, and by extension the kind of group we hope to find.

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