Sunday, December 1, 2013

Garage Aquaponics

I have 400 minnows and 30 baby channel cats coming in on Tuesday so we decided to set up a nursery tank in the garage for them using a dust collecting 160+ gallon stock tank. Rather than hook up a filtration system I picked up some 6"Hx20"Wx28"L mixing pans from Tractor supply to use for grow beds, and we pulled the second pump out of the other system to turn this into a small scale AP setup.

Having already wrangled together a much larger system, this one was a piece of cake. Originally I'd planned to run three grow beds across the top, short ends against the wall, but there wasn't a whole lot of space between where they would end and our Camry begin, so I took the safer option of putting them on sideways and just using two. I already have enough assholes flinging their car doors into the side of my car without me pulling into the garage and scraping the entire side down this thing.

I made a video of the project so rather than post a bunch of photos and commentary, here it is.

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