Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Making some changes

Like a lot of preppers, I've been guilty of putting tons of time, effort, and money into object prepping and zero anything into personal prepping. For years I focused my attention on the fun stuff, like guns or small livestock or books. The hard stuff, the stuff that requires you to sweat, not exactly tops on my list.

That all changed March 7. I don't know why. It wasn't like I had some late blooming New Year's resolution I finally decided to honor. Something in my head just clicked, and unlike previous times when I half-assed decided to get in shape and lose weight, this time something was different. I can't put my finger on it, but the why-isn't-the-damn-scale-moving frustration that kicks in two weeks into any diet I've ever tried didn't kick in this time. I didn't throw in the towel after two or three weeks and go back to Netflix and popcorn. Nearly three months later, I'm still cool.

I'm also 29 pounds lighter.

The first twenty came off between March 7 and May 7. In honor of my much happier knees and my burning desire to be a badass, I joined the local MMA gym. Taekwondo class four nights a week, an hour (sometimes up to 2 hours) of kicking, punching, and trying not to puke. I haven't sweat this much since I was a little kid and mom left me in a car with the windows up while she went grocery shopping. I love every minute of it, even when I'm dripping sweat and about to pass out from doing ten roundhouse kicks in a row. 

I'm not nearly as flexible as I was in my teens, back when I had been in gymnastics for years and could easily do standing splits, but I'm working on it. Every day I spend 30-40 minutes just stretching, trying to get my splits back as well as my balance. It all seemed so easy back when I was 115 pounds. Now, not so much. The additional weight (trust me there's a lot of it) messes with my balance. I can still stand on one foot for an extended period of time, but if I start trying anything cute like raising the other leg out to the side I start to bobble and wobble.

I also switched my eating habits to Primal, after seeing a number of online peeps do it and subsequently lose weight. I didn't really think I would see any results, but any diet that encourages bacon and cheese gets a thumbs up from me. What I didn't expect was a drastic decrease in the back pain I've suffered from for decades. I gave up grains, legumes, and processed sugars, and apparently one or more of them was contributing to the chronic inflammation in my spine. Yay me.

I draw inspiration as well as stretching guidance from the amazing Bruce sisters, Chloe and Grace. Their Flexy Friday series of flexibility exercises is outstanding. 

I have a long way to go before I'm in the kind of physical shape that I can be arrogant about, but at least I'm finally on the right track.

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