Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Remodeling the Rabbit House

The Rabbit House has been a thorn in my eyeball since I first split the chicken coop in half and declared the right side to be the rabbit side. As with all projects around here, it has been nickle and dimed for the better part of three years and still is not completed. Had I been a wiser person I would have put the horse before the cart and held off getting back into rabbits until I could get the room finished, but that's just not how I roll. However the numerous workarounds and emergency alternatives were no longer working around and it was time to quit jerry rigging dog kennels and PVC rafters and cheap tarps and finally get the room set up.

Originally I was going to retell the saga of the cage stand in detail, from the mislabeled 22" horizontal supports that resulted in me cutting a bunch of too long braces and not realizing it until I went to assemble the whole thing, to the part where we carried the finished stand into the room only to discover it was exactly one inch too long to fit. Or how I found out that cages with baby saver wire are about a half inch longer than the 36" they were supposed to be, throwing them about a half inch off from fitting into the custom made stand.

I should make a sign that says Measure Not, Cut Ten Times.

At any rate the room is now usable. I dumped about a dozen five gallon buckets of pea gravel in there, and have nine of the cages now set up on the right side. At the moment I'm using the old water bottles because I don't want to mess with the automatic water system until the other cages are set up on the left. The poop pans on the bottom row are 24"x36" cement mixing trays I got from Home Depot for about half what a "rabbit pan" cost. I have to use a little step ladder to get into the top cages, but I'm happy with it. Now if I can just get a door built before winter hits...

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