Sunday, April 12, 2015

Recovering from Prepper Burnout

Anyone who has been prepping for more than a few years understands prepper burnout. Well, maybe not the noobs but trust me, the day will come.  Sometimes more than once, as you can probably tell by my occasional vanishing acts.

Whether it's the arrival of spring, the fact that my husband finally cleaned out the garage enough that I can access my 72 hour totes, or the 4 day Doomsday Prepper Netflix binge I shamefully indulged in during a recent injury, the hoarding urge has returned. Like a tsunami, I might add. And as many of you probably know, when that happens it can be completely overwhelming. I need to do this, buy those, restock that, build one of these, projects piling up on you until at last you sink to the floor, back against the wall with a bottle of vodka clutched in your shaking fingers.

Maybe that's just me.

I can tell you one thing though. The last thing you want to do is "take a break". Seriously. That day off will turn into a week off, then a month off, and before you know it you're staring in your pantry wondering who ate all the spaghetti sauce and how you went from a year's worth of toilet paper to half a roll.

Projects Underway
1. New Aquaponics system - 2, 275 gallon fish tanks, 10 growbeds, 6 sumps, swirl filter. 
We seem to get more redesigning done than actual building

2. Bees - Just finished setting up our hive, hoping to catch a swarm later this spring.
Top Bar Hive from

3. 72 Hour Totes - just like it sounds. 2 grab and go totes to keep in the garage, mostly for fire evacs
4. Rabbit Colony - converting a 6x10 dog kennel into an outdoor rabbit colony to compliment our existing rabbit barn.
5. Chicken Waterer - 275 gallon water tank, fed off gutters on chicken/rabbit house, feeding to autowaterer for the chickens.
Waiting to be hooked up

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