Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Cheese Crack

I've been picking up #10 cans of freeze dried goodies on and off for a few years, but like a lot of others I mostly just stuck it in the cabinet for long term storage and forgot about it. I figured the day I woke up needing to eat it, I wouldn't get too worked up over the taste. There've been the occasional camping trip where I dipped into a 2 serving pack of Mountain House or Wise but the #10 cans have remained untouched.

Until today, when I found myself obsessed with a bowl of mac&cheese and no mac&cheese to be had. When I went Primal, I wisely relocated my massive hoard of instant mac&cheese to mylar bags, where I'd be less likely to break into them for an occasional fix. Rather than rip open a 6 box bag, I decided to pop the top on a can of Thrive Cheese Sauce and use it over the last of my Banza
I skimmed the directions enough to see I needed to use it with Thrive Instant Milk and Thrive Butter Powder. I opted for real milk and a glob of Kerrygold instead. Now the reviews on this stuff were mixed, with many saying it wasn't anything like the cheese packet in the mac&cheese and more like popcorn cheese. Which, ugh. I tasted a bit of the powder and made a face. It DID taste like popcorn cheese.

I drained off my Banza and returned the pot to the stove, burner still on medium, and added the milk and butter. Once the butter was melted, I dumped in the cheese. It called for 6 tablespoons, which is almost 1/3 cup. That's a lot, but ok. It dissolved quickly but was really really runny. I upped the heat a notch and brought it to a simmer, constantly stirring, until it reduced a bit and became creamier. Tossed it in a bowl, let it cool, and....

HOLY CRAP! This stuff is BETTER than the cheese packets! I eat Banza not because it's delicious but because it's gluten free. Generally I'm pretty meh about it. But with this cheese sauce? Freaking sweet! Suddenly I find myself eyeballing the remaining cans and thinking it's time to place an order.

Cheese Blend. More like Cheese Crack. 

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