Sunday, May 10, 2015

Pallet Projects - Garage Shelves

When we bought this place the Mr. and I struck a deal. Being a former landscaper and a gardening nut I decreed the yard to be MINE. The Mr. agreed, on the condition the garage was his. No problem, all your's I said.

Six years later I decided enough was enough. While the yard looks amazing, the garage looks like a tornado went through it. A mad, drunken one. Part of the problem is there's no shelving and stuff is just all over the floor, but the garage itself was just gross. Stained, dirty walls, cobwebs everywhere, dead flies in the window. Ugh. 

Armed with a gallon of grey primer, two small pallets, and 5 wall studs I went to work.
After moving four boxes worth of motor oil, dirty rags, tranny fluid, brake fluid, old fertilizer, dusty golf clubs, golf shoes filled with spider nests, and assorted trash from the first corner, I spent some quality time with a broom sweeping the webs and dirt from the wall. Then the paint went up, a primer grey that takes on a blue tinge in the sunlight. I plan to do all the walls in the grey, paint the trimwork on the doors, windows, and garage doors white, and paint the entry door to the house a glossy black.

The shelves are made using these small pallets ripped in half, to form a 12" deep shelf. They'll span 8 ft long and go 5 levels high. Eventually it'll wrap around the entire garage, the top tier going just above the garage doors.

The Mr. gets these little pallets from his work and I only had two. I'll need 6 more to finish this out plus three more wall studs, but so far so good. I didn't think to take photos sooner or you'd see there's a short 2x4 on the right end there that screws to the wall and the shelves slip over it to stabilize on that far end.
What's cool about this design is the way the pallets are, once the row is complete I can slip our PVC pipe stash inside the pallets. Get them off the ground and keep them laying flat so they don't warp.

It's a start, hopefully he'll score the 3 more pallets this month and I can finish this wall out. If I had a pantry I'd so build these in it! :)

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