Monday, May 11, 2015

Tater Tote

I've done tater towers in the past, using tires, wire cages, even laundry baskets. The problem is they never old much. This year I went big!

I took an IBC tote that had been cut in half and set it up at the end of the hay shed so the roof would drain off into it. I then filled it up with all the wasted hay my rabbits insist on throwing into their poop pans. Which is a lot! I then tossed in all the seed potatoes I'd saved from last fall, tossed in MORE hay, and waited.

There's a drain at the bottom front of the tote and I left it open so water drains instead of sitting in there rotting potatoes. I need to go throw some more straw in there so I can force them all the way to the top, but so far they're doing great. When it comes time to harvest we'll just tip the whole thing over. No digging, yay!

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